Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pocket Drakes Preview

Here is the sneak preview of the first run of castings of my New Pocket Drakes.  There is the Chinese Drake, Feathered Drake, Lazy Drake and the Serpent Drake.  They all range in size between 3-4 Inches in size. I will paint, and list on cast per each to begin with. Their pricing will most likely be around $23 or so.

This is the close up Of my Chinese Drake. 

This is the close up of my Feather Drake.

This one is the Serpent Drake.

And this one is the Lazy Drake.
They all need to be cleaned up, and patched before I begin to paint. Lastly, They will all be set with their eyes, and maybe some Swarovski Crystals...we'll see! 
Aren't they just adorable! I really have had some fun making these critters.  Once I can sell these four, I will be able to buy more material to cast up some more! They will be limited in quantity; I will sell only 10 per individual design. So reserve yours today!!! I will personally sign, date, and number each casting.

In Other News:
Remember me talking about my experimenting with casting larger dragon eyes?  Well...I have taken some snapshots of the three I have tried. They are nearly 3 inches in diameter!  I'm not sure exactly what I will do with them, but...I'm sure I will figure something out!

This is my new favorite color! It is the 'Magma Dragon' eye.
It reminds me of the burning eye in the 'Lord of the Rings' Movies.

This one I still love too...'Nova Dragon' Also nearly 3 inches in diameter. I think the mm sizing is around 75, or 76mms.

I was really Bummed out that this shot was so crappy!  It is the 'Black Dragon' color.  It got all blurred and smeary, but the fact of the matter with this one, id the casting was completely bubble - free, and perfect! *grumbles*  maybe I can scan it later or something.

Anyways, I was thinking of maybe taking these huge casts, and using them as a unique lid topper for some of my pyrographed boxes. I think they would be really neat  that way.  They are too large to be magnets, or keychains, but possibly a paperweight???  Who knows....

If anyone has any ideas to suggest, feel free to post!  

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Expanded Colors in 'Nature Series'

Because of the increased demands of the 'Nature Series'  I decided to expand upon the colors that will be made available.  There are now 22 colors to choose from! We now have some really pretty shades of Purple, and some new shades of Browns, and Blues.

I also wanted to announce that the 'Natural Series' is being renamed 'Classic Series' to keep it from getting confused with the 'Nature Series'.

I am still waiting on my shipment of Silicone Rubber, so I can start casting my 'Pocket Drakes'.  I had made a mistake upon ordering, and got the wrong material. But it will still come in handy later on!

This holiday season, I will continue with my painted glass ornaments, and will sculpt some special pieces 'Leaf Folk'.  They have been lingering within my imagination for a couple of years now, and I have decided to make them come to fruition.  They will be whimsical, One-Of-A Kind Ornaments that once my family gifts are sculpted, I will then make some for next season available to the public.

Dragon Claw magnets, and new pendants, key chains, and cell phone charms are also on the way...However they will not be worked upon until the holidays are over.  Hopefully by then, I should have some of those 'Pocket Drakes' painted, and up for sale.  I also want to get back to some Pyrography too. I really have been missing wood burning.

.............................Well,...I guess that will be It, for updates until the holidays are finally over.  I really must focus on getting my gifts done, as well as any pending orders.  I hope everyone has a wonderful season!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Dragon Eye colors!

 I was working on a custom order, and in the process...I came up with some new designs to add on to my existing Dragon Eye Series. They are incredible cast in metallic!

I will be modifying my Dragon Eye necklaces into magnets, and pendants.  The pendants will be usable for things like key chains, lanyards, and also can be hung as a sun catcher in either a car, or window too. I would avoid direct sunlight for extended periods of time, because the vibrancy of the color may fade.

They will most likely be priced between $10.00 each, and up to $20.00 each depending on the size.
I will eventually post them in my e-stores soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New "Nature Series" color!

I designed a new eye color for the "Nature Series" Line! I call it 'Pool' It is a beautiful Aqua-Blue in hue, and is very beautiful!
This new color design is available in Iris Only, AD, the new AD2 design as well as in semi-metallic treatment. "Isn't it Lovely?"

I also wanted to announce that I have new sizes that I can cast! I have 9mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 18mm, and 20mm. Contact me if you wish to order!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brand New line of Eyes!

I have designed a new line of Metallic Irises!

They are Mecha-Eyes. I have been getting requests to cast some in this particular style ever since the Movie '9' Came out. They will soon be available in all the existing sizes I already have. There are 12 colors to choose from. They are only going to be cast in Metallic treatment, and are IRIS ONLY. Here is what the designs looks like:
If you are interested in ordering some, please contact me at the email---

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Slideshow!

I just updated my slide show!

Here is the link:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcoming Autumn

Alas,...My very favorite season is now upon us!

Today, is the second seasonal feeling day since the Autumnal equinox. The trees are beginning to turn, the air is crisp, and fresh...The sky becomes more crystalline in color.

This is my time of nesting; Preparing for the winter to come. I begin my baking of pies, cookies, casseroles, and roasts. Also, this is my most inspiring season. I always seem to 'pump up' my artwork, and painting. I begin to start more pyrographed chests, and boxes. I start to plan my Christmas lists. Halloween is so much fun! I have made some really unique Dragon Claw necklaces in two wired styles. Lateral wired and Slide wired. They both are beautiful and simple. I have made 5 necklaces in both styles. I posted them on my etsy shop. If you like them, then click on my link on this blog.

This one is the 'Nova' color, And this one is the 'Green' color. I'm telling you, that these pictures do not do them any justice! Below, are the other colors I have done:

They are available for sale right now on etsy for $30.00 each. Grab 'em while they last!

In other news,
I have been working on a Hippocampus sculpture. It has turned out lovely! I only hope its base looks
just as nice! I have been waiting on the glue to dry. But, I do have some pictures of the hippocampus itself.

Isn't it lovely?!
Until it has been placed with its base, I will not know how much it will be up for sale for. Then I should have a better idea on that.

Anyway, I mustn't waste any more of this gorgeous day! I'm off to do some yard work!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Work, Work, Work!

As of late, I have been getting requests for special custom metallic Doll Eyes. I must say...It has turned into the biggest challenge I have yet come across. The insanity of trying to cast multiple layers into a 5,and 6mm eye has been hurting my head! For future customer references, I cannot cast special Doll Eye style Metallics in diameters smaller than 5mm. at least not with my resources.

Normally, when casting my designs, it is all within a singular mold, making a clean, line -free product. But with a metallic iris, and a white sclera, getting the two different pieces to merge cleanly, is near impossible. Multiply that difficulty by trying to do so within a small 6mm quite trying to say the least. I will not give up, and I have been devoting all my free time to overcome this.

To maintain my business goals of making comparative, but more affordable alternatives for my clients needs is of utmost priority.

In other news...

I hope to return to some personal projects that have been collecting dust in my studio in the wake of my mad dash to complete eye orders.

My poor Coffee Dragon is waiting to be finished painting, and my Baby Winter Dragon needs to be fixed in order to go back up for sale. I also have three Egglet Dragons that need their own paint and eggs finished.

I then have to finish up my Pyrographed boxes so I can get them up for sale as well.

Next week, I have a scheduled Oral surgery, so I feel pressured to finish up some work before I go under the knife. I am pretty sure I will not want to anything but sleep once that is over with.

I guess that is it, for this month!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I know, I have left my new FuzzB account pretty vacant, but I am pondering what I want to include there. I will most certainly post my eye listings there, and of course more of my sculpts as well. I have been designing Fairy Wing templates and plan to trial some in my studio. If they turn out well, and cost effective, I will sell them on FuzzB along with my other goodies.

Also, I have some absolutely gorgeous pyrographed boxes too, that are nearly done! They are simply exquisite! It was tough to break away from dragons, but these gems are well worth the will-power.
Speaking of dragons; I still have one pyrographed purse-box of a Chinese Dragon. I think I will list that as well.

I have some beautiful printed blank greeting cards
of my watercolor painting 'Betta Queen' and I will put then into collections of 12 including the envelopes. It is great for those who cannot afford to buy the larger prints.

Ornaments? I have done commissions in the past for those, and have had a long enough break from them to maybe offer them again as well. They are so very cute, and are season less... so people can proudly show them off year round!
Well,.....While I hash these things about in my thoughts, I will notify all when they are all listed!

Friday, May 29, 2009

New Store!


I have never had a blog before, but I think it may
be useful!

I guess I will start with talking about what I have been up to. My Etsy store is doing well, You can shop there, link:

Today, actually yesterday, I opened another store; On link:

I am still getting the hang of navigating that site. It is different than Etsy. But, I do like the fact that they are cost effective. "I can stomach an annual fee of $25." *shrugs*

Well,...Now that that is done, I can share what I have been working on as of late.

Eyes, and Irises......lots of them. It is a niche I noticed needed here on the east coast. They are not my favo
rite project, but clients need them.

Myself, I am working on many projects. I have a great sculpt that was inspired by the shape of a dragon languishing in my cup of coffee. The next day, I was forming the armature for him. He has come along well, and if I had less distractions, He would be fully painted by now. lately I have been swamped by orders for AD style eyes. I also have some Beautiful Oriental looking Boxes I have been Pyrographing. I will maybe tint them with a little bit of watercolor. They were originally planned to be sold in my local consignment shop here in town, but my just be debuted on the web stores instead.

Finally, I have a long standing, and epic, digital art triptych That I hope to finish this year...*crosses fingers* I am still learning how to use my tablet and the software that goes with it. It takes some getting used to not having the tactile equation.

So,... I guess that is it for now!