Friday, July 3, 2009

Work, Work, Work!

As of late, I have been getting requests for special custom metallic Doll Eyes. I must say...It has turned into the biggest challenge I have yet come across. The insanity of trying to cast multiple layers into a 5,and 6mm eye has been hurting my head! For future customer references, I cannot cast special Doll Eye style Metallics in diameters smaller than 5mm. at least not with my resources.

Normally, when casting my designs, it is all within a singular mold, making a clean, line -free product. But with a metallic iris, and a white sclera, getting the two different pieces to merge cleanly, is near impossible. Multiply that difficulty by trying to do so within a small 6mm quite trying to say the least. I will not give up, and I have been devoting all my free time to overcome this.

To maintain my business goals of making comparative, but more affordable alternatives for my clients needs is of utmost priority.

In other news...

I hope to return to some personal projects that have been collecting dust in my studio in the wake of my mad dash to complete eye orders.

My poor Coffee Dragon is waiting to be finished painting, and my Baby Winter Dragon needs to be fixed in order to go back up for sale. I also have three Egglet Dragons that need their own paint and eggs finished.

I then have to finish up my Pyrographed boxes so I can get them up for sale as well.

Next week, I have a scheduled Oral surgery, so I feel pressured to finish up some work before I go under the knife. I am pretty sure I will not want to anything but sleep once that is over with.

I guess that is it, for this month!