Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Expanded Colors in 'Nature Series'

Because of the increased demands of the 'Nature Series'  I decided to expand upon the colors that will be made available.  There are now 22 colors to choose from! We now have some really pretty shades of Purple, and some new shades of Browns, and Blues.

I also wanted to announce that the 'Natural Series' is being renamed 'Classic Series' to keep it from getting confused with the 'Nature Series'.

I am still waiting on my shipment of Silicone Rubber, so I can start casting my 'Pocket Drakes'.  I had made a mistake upon ordering, and got the wrong material. But it will still come in handy later on!

This holiday season, I will continue with my painted glass ornaments, and will sculpt some special pieces 'Leaf Folk'.  They have been lingering within my imagination for a couple of years now, and I have decided to make them come to fruition.  They will be whimsical, One-Of-A Kind Ornaments that once my family gifts are sculpted, I will then make some for next season available to the public.

Dragon Claw magnets, and new pendants, key chains, and cell phone charms are also on the way...However they will not be worked upon until the holidays are over.  Hopefully by then, I should have some of those 'Pocket Drakes' painted, and up for sale.  I also want to get back to some Pyrography too. I really have been missing wood burning.

.............................Well,...I guess that will be It, for updates until the holidays are finally over.  I really must focus on getting my gifts done, as well as any pending orders.  I hope everyone has a wonderful season!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Dragon Eye colors!

 I was working on a custom order, and in the process...I came up with some new designs to add on to my existing Dragon Eye Series. They are incredible cast in metallic!

I will be modifying my Dragon Eye necklaces into magnets, and pendants.  The pendants will be usable for things like key chains, lanyards, and also can be hung as a sun catcher in either a car, or window too. I would avoid direct sunlight for extended periods of time, because the vibrancy of the color may fade.

They will most likely be priced between $10.00 each, and up to $20.00 each depending on the size.
I will eventually post them in my e-stores soon!