Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shipping Notice

I have been getting feedback from clients regarding shipping issues...I'm not really sure what is going on, but some orders are getting lost, or delayed, regardless  whether they are from overseas or local. There seems to be a sort of ebb, and flow with the post services. First class post is most often as fast, or even faster than priority. The issue keeps coming up every two months or so. I do the best I can, trying to keep costs to a minimum, but if I change shipping services, It will inevitably cost even more. I am trying to keep my price-points at wholesale costs, for the benefit of my client base. Just this week so far, I have customers contacting me regarding ETA's from orders, and purchases placed as far back as in February. Sometimes it is an international customs issue, but there should be no real excuse for the same delays to occur here in the continental United States. I wish I had a solution. The best I can offer, is if a client still hasn't received their packages after 3 weeks of shipping notification, I can either re-cast your items for free, and re-ship with delivery confirmation,....or refund the SUB TOTAL (before shipping costs).  I am sorry for any other inconveniences.  I will include this message in my other sites as well.