Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dreaming Tree Studio News for the Off-season:

I have begun training my sister in the craft of eye making, she will be mainly in charge of inventory orders this season. I will make sure she keeps a good variety of sizes and colors available in the shop. She has good attention to detail, and will maintain the quality standards I have put in place. She may even do some Wing making too if she would like to.

I myself, need to shift my focus to my other arts. FyreFlytts will continue to be made, but in Cold Porcelain instead of Ultralight. Turbles too, will also eventually be made in this new material. But, I will use up all my exhisting ultralight on the Turbles first. 

I have begun production of Wings both in finished state as well as blank state, (for your own embellishment). They will begin appearing in my Etsy shop. Blanks will be priced starting at $5.00 per pair, and can go as high as $25.00 per pair for the large ones.

They also will not be sealed, or coated in any way, and will shrink, and contract when heat is applied. (Even after I hit them with my heat gun to tighten the surface to smooth out the wrinkles). There will be no holes, or lacing, nor with there be any coloring, or glittering. 

Finished wings will begin at $10.00 and go as high as $75.00 for the Larger Steampunk wings.( supplies pending ) These pairs will be finished completely, and will include or combine, Holes, lacing, paint, glitter, enbellishment, crystals, etc. 

All Wings will be bendible to a degree, as the wires within are flexible, and will be listed in a flat manner. 
Some particular wing designs MUST NOT BE BAKED! And those particular types will be noted as such, because they will be made of heat sensitive materials, if not highly flammable ones indeed. 

Felted Soft sculpts (No Armature) In the size range of 4-8" will run Between $40.00 - $90.00, And are all OOAK. I am willing to make custom commissions based on a Photograph, or digital jpeg. of a pet, for a starting price of $100.00. I have found that my prices are in competitive range for this sort of labor. Most rovings used are of higher quality, and can get expensive. But it is the time envolved that really makes up the bulk of the costs.

Art Cats are a new fiber-based art I will be working in. The pattern is a  Primitive, pillow-style form that will be used as the 3-dimensional base for artscapes done in roving and other media like Beadwork, Embroidery, and Swarovski crystal, on a felt backing. These pieces are in the Fine-Art category and will be priced accordingly. They will range in size from 8-14" tall. They will cost at minimum $200.00 are are gallery quality, Fine Art.

FattCatts come in three sizes Small, Med, and large.The Blue Scottish fold one I did for Mothers Day, was a medium one. Each Sculpt is OOAK, and individually painted. Smalls are $25.00, Mediums are $45.00, and Larges are $65.00.  

Tatzelcats are indeed Fae cats, and are about 3-4" tall, (not including the wings). They will most likely run around $25.00 each.

All Art works will not be listed on Etsy, but in Artfire. Or listed on my website. 

If you would like to place an order, for starting in August, I will be happy to to take a commission. Payment always needs to be made in-full before production. Shipping costs have not been included in the above quotes, That will have to come later when an order/commission has been placed.