Thursday, August 2, 2012

(4) Dreaming Tree Studio

I will include the info here as well since postings do change and I need to remind folks of this;

I guess every so often I need to repeat some vital information to all my perspective clients, as well as the current ones;

I have to deal with environmental conditions when the resin is curing, as well as the final sealer curing, since humidity variations can effect the outcome. This is why I do not like to take orders during the summer because these issues can occur. If I pack your order too soon, the surface could become pitted or deformed being sealed in a plastic bag, and be subjected to transit conditions. Please try to understand. I am doing my very best. I really do not want to send you a bad product, especially for the cost incurred by an order.

Resin is finicky. It may appear fully hardened on the surface by touch, but the inside may not be. I have my methods for accelerating the process, but even that is no guarantee that all is fully cured 100%. I am not a manufacturer with technical equipment to measure the chemical properties of such materials, I am only an artist who does this as a hobby, to help out my fellow peers worldwide to have a more affordable source for beautiful eyes and irises.

(4) Dreaming Tree Studio:

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