Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Lately, I have not found the joy and wonder in my work. I realise that in effort to try and earn money, I have allowed my skills to weaken. I need to revisit pressure-free art. I honestly think that one CAN get rusty if they do not keep up with practice. 

Because I still need to feed the supplies in order to do some personal work, I will still keep the etsy shop going, and try to keep inventory up. My trials and wastes of my time trying to cast "Fish Bowls" has burnt me out. Casting resin and the silicone molds do get expensive, and I have really dried up my funds trying to make other "More affordable " pieces, has become an epic fail. If no-one buys anything, why the hell do I continue?

Efforts to make "Cute" affordable pieces such as Turbles, FyreFlytts, and other "Under $50.00" Items, seems to not make any difference. Sadly, most I ever made, Never sold, and were given up as gifts to family and friends. WHY???? Everyone "LOVES" them as my comments and feedback reflects, yet did anyone actually "BUY" them? ....Nope. 

I Know I have great skill, those smaller pieces do not even show it. I need to go back and work on some "Better pieces" just to make sure I can. I miss Pyrography, Illustration, Oil painting, Watercolor, and larger scale sculpts. I do not care anymore if they will ever sell, But I need to create to find peace.

Please, support the artist, people! 

For all the clients who need to buy eyes and other creative supplies My etsy shop will stay open link here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/dreamingtreestudio?ref=si_shop

I do have an Artfire shop for my remaining pieces, and other arts here: 

I hope to maintain good traffic.