Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saving Sebastian

Meet our Fur-baby Sebastian
This is my boy. He is 10 years old, and my muse, and familiar. Our bond is immense. He has become very ill. His colon is weakened due to some sort of disorder called mega colon. He is what the vets consider 'Oscipated', which is worse than being constipated. Basically, his bowels have been distended to the point where his stool cannot pass though his pelvis to eliminate. If it is not treated... the colon walls can rupture, or die off, causing death.

For days... he hasn't eaten, or had any water.  He was taken to our regular vet this past Saturday to try to get some help.  He was given two warm water enemas, and one mineral oil enema, which did not work. We were sent home with some more Lactulose, instructed to administer every 4 hours to help draw water to his colon. This also did not work. 
At this point we have incurred $250 dollars. I paid it...Monday, he became severely dehydrated, and was too weak to even move. He has wasted away until his bones have become easily felt under his loose skin. Alarmed, I brought him back to my regular vet, to try to get some more help. She had explained to my husband and I, that they were not equipped to do anything more for him. I was now faced with the grim possibility of having to euthanize my boy. 
Our vet suggested to admit him to TUFTS University Animal Hospital.  It is the very best in the New England Area.  She discharged us, and sent us on our way to the hospital with his records and x-rays. The Hour drive was rough, as Sebastian was barely clinging to life. Once we arrived, we took care of all the necessary paperwork and signed our lives away. 

He was immediately placed on IV's and bloods were drawn. They also took some x-rays. He was prepped for his overnight stay to try to stabilize him enough to perform the sedation the next day for treatment. Before we even left, to head home, Our bill has tacked on an additional $1,600 dollars. Between my Husband and I, we scrounged up another $800 dollars to deposit for his overnight stay.

This morning, I received an update to his condition. He made it through the night, and has been stabilized....Now, he is scheduled for his first sedation so the vets, can attempt to go in and break up the compacted bowel waste, and pull it out of his colon. If this is successful, then our bill will reach $2,000 and he may go home, and my own vet will help us deal with his aftercare. Our fingers are crossed.
If, this treatment does not work, Then we are faced with a Major Surgery, where they will cut open his tummy, and physically remove his diseased colon, and re-connect what healthy bowels he has left. Granted...He has to survive the surgery first. We both hope that things do not have to come to this point. Then, for the rest of his life, he will require various medications, and follow-ups. We should be able to manage his care for the rest of his years, accepting the hassles and circumstances. Since I work from home, I will be caring for him. It is a burden I will carry as long as he is happy. TUFTS states that if the second Surgery is necessary, the bill will increase to well over $2,300 dollars. 
We have applied for Veterinary Insurance for our pets, but it is not available to us until a full year from application approval has accrued. I need to raise money for his care. Currently, we are already tapped out as far as we can see.  
If anyone can donate to his care, I would be forever grateful! I will be compiling some inventory and other arts to sell in my e stores specific to his fund.

Any help is appreciated, even as little as $1.00. We will keep a tally on Facebook, so my friends and followers can stay updated. Our boy, Sebastian is well loved at both our regular vet, as well as at TUFTS. He is very sweet, and is putting up with all the pokes, and prods, like a real brave, trooper. He just keeps on Purring, knowing we are all just trying to help him. 

If anyone is interested in Donating, My Paypal is amanda@dreamingtreestudio.com

I am beginning a campaign to raise money for my Fur-Baby Sebastian. I will be compiling a bunch of stuffage in my e stores to sell just for his care. I will be doing this beginning this afternoon. Any help is really appreciated, donations are accepted as well. All donations will be given a free gift as a token of our appreciation. Please make sure that a valid mailing address is included so I can mail it out to you all as a thank you.    

Please Help!
3-31-2011 Update:
His Updates:

Sebastian is having three oscipation procedures since my blog entry. The third is happening this afternoon. Hopefully, this will be enough to clear his bowels. They claim that they are having a tough time manipulating his digestive tract because his belly is so big. He has been given pain medication through his IV drip along with all the necessary fluids his body needs. He still refuses food,...."And who can blame him!" but, he still needs nutrition. TUFTS hopes that once he comes home, he may be comfortable enough to try some wet food. *crosses fingers*

Our vet bills are up to $2,200 at this point. Donations has saved us $135.00. We are so very grateful! Any help is very much accepted, no matter how little.

Sebastian, and his whole family cannot thank everyone enough!