Friday, May 4, 2012

Checking in...

All this week I have been struggling to find the time to update here. 

I cannot wait until the casting season ends! I have expanded my sculpting skills to felting, and shifting my sculpting media from polymer clay to various air-drying clays. I tend to sculpt on a larger scale that most polymer clay easily allows. I still need to fix up poor baby Winter, but I really do not like Lumina.  He was originally sculpted with Premo pearl, but he is too big to fit in any conventional oven, now. Paper clay, and Premier stone clay will not do...(simply not compatible). I am thinking possibly CP? (cold porcelain) I found a microwavable recipe online, but I am open to any suggestions. 

I have experimented with crayolas "model magic" because I had originally liked the texture. The trouble is, that it is not really intended for artistic use by professionals, let alone experienced sculptors. "Too bad, because it really has a soft velvet feel even after it has dried out completely." I tried to use it on my "FattCatts" but it cracks badly if the material is too thick. (I have been patching one I was planning to give to my mom for Mothers day, all week!)  Maybe I still have a chance to finish it in time....

Felting has turned out to easier, and faster than I had originally expected. I made a model of my recently passed "Furkid" cat Zoe. I managed to get her done in two Saturdays. I found a great short-cut by filling the larger cavities with polyfil stuffing. It actually makes the 'feltie' more "huggable" and allows me to work on a larger scale. The Zoe plush is about 6 inches in length and about 4 inches high; not bad for use of sample sized wool roving. I still have plenty left over! ^_^

Although I enjoy casting doll eyes, and irises for the world, (quite literally) I am getting tired of it! I really miss working on my own art. Breaking my production down into seasons has helped, But I still need to maintain inventory for my shop, year-round. :phew: The income is welcome, But I would much rather focus on selling my OOAK art instead.

I am waiting on my new digital camera to arrive, so I can get all sorts of Photos of these new projects. Hopefully it comes soon! 

 Bye, bye, for now! :D