Saturday, August 9, 2014

Becoming 40

Very first thing...I really must apologize to any followers still left here of this blog. I seem to have forgotten about it completely. ...I am sorry about that. A year is a long time to let things lapse like this.

This year, was super busy with casting orders for doll eyes. every year it is even more so than the last. (A good thing I suppose). A lot of things have happened in my life, but I will keep things relative to this Blogs purpose.
The casting season has closed, and I am booked up completely. There will still be listings going up in the Etsy shop, as well as the Artfire shop. (One is solely for eyes, the other is for everything else, more or less.)

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I still do not know what I plan to finish, and/or work on this half of the season, as my motivation, and muse are coming to blows. I have several unfinished projects just laying around, and I have to also worry about my own physical health as well. 
I never was any good at multi-tasking. :/ I have A purple needlefelted 'Owlie' to finish, three-no four 'Foos' to flesh out, several unfinished wooden boxes to pyrograph, three 'FyreFlytts' that need their wings finished, and a Windstone PYO Keeper Dragon only begun, that has been sitting patiently inside his cloche watching the years go by. ("Yes...I said YEARS!") And those are only a sparse few things I have going on. 

I can state I am overwhelmed, to say the least. When I began to make doll eyes, I had no idea of how much of my time they would consume. It can be burdensome at times, But I understand the need. 

My health has been becoming more important than ever, now that I am already 40. "My,...has the time gone by!" I need to carve out time to exercise, and lose weight. I hope that the Cross-Country Ski Trainer Poles come soon. (Thank you my love, for that birthday present!). I am hoping they help take the stress off my back, and knees while walking. It is a small step on my road to wellness I suppose. 
Because of Fibromyalgia, I have better days than others. It can be so difficult to keep up a schedule in any shape or form. Sleep has been lacking, and weather can really mess stuff up as well. The thing with FM, is that it does not just affect you physically, but does so mentally as well. "I'm not talking in specific with things like depression, although it is common...but more for me focus, and memory." (They do not call it "FM Fog" for nothing, ya know.) 
I have learned to take things one day at a time. I have accepted that I cannot get everything done that I would like to, and I still feel guilty for being lazy at times. It helps knowing some of it is not my fault.

It shall be a "Wait, and see" sort of year I guess. :)

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