Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010!

This year will be filled with new package designs as well as new options, and images of each item I will be posing! Direct Buy Irises, and Doll Eye items will be displayed in a retail format, while customs, and special orders in bulk, will be un-changed.

As for my website, Please bear with me on it because, I am slowly changing over its look as well. I have loads to do this new year, and want to improve my markets adequately. I have to balance this with all your orders and requests. It is ALWAYS a work in progress, so it is worthwhile to check in there from time to time to see if anything new is uploaded.

 If you need a size, style, or color, that is not currently listed, it does not mean It is unavailable!

You may contact me directly if you need an order request, custom, or cannot wait until the first couple of weeks in January for the new Direct-Buy listings.

I still have to refine all my 'Pocket Drakes' and cast more of them when I am able.  I also have to finish all my original, and One-of-a-Kind Dragon 'Eggletts" so I can post those poor little guys!  There eggs have been a nightmare to finish, and the babies themselves need to get painted! I still haven't forgotten about my larger original Dragon sculpt 'Dragon named "Coffee"' either.  He has been waiting for months now, to be detailed! 

I have some leftover Ornaments that I hand-painted that I would like to sell on etsy as soon as I can get some decent photos of them. What I really needed for Christmas was a better camera. My current one really is terrible, and I struggle with trying to get half-decent shots.

I guess, that is it for today, January 1st..."I'm off to the studio now, to get started!"