Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I know, I have left my new FuzzB account pretty vacant, but I am pondering what I want to include there. I will most certainly post my eye listings there, and of course more of my sculpts as well. I have been designing Fairy Wing templates and plan to trial some in my studio. If they turn out well, and cost effective, I will sell them on FuzzB along with my other goodies.

Also, I have some absolutely gorgeous pyrographed boxes too, that are nearly done! They are simply exquisite! It was tough to break away from dragons, but these gems are well worth the will-power.
Speaking of dragons; I still have one pyrographed purse-box of a Chinese Dragon. I think I will list that as well.

I have some beautiful printed blank greeting cards
of my watercolor painting 'Betta Queen' and I will put then into collections of 12 including the envelopes. It is great for those who cannot afford to buy the larger prints.

Ornaments? I have done commissions in the past for those, and have had a long enough break from them to maybe offer them again as well. They are so very cute, and are season less... so people can proudly show them off year round!
Well,.....While I hash these things about in my thoughts, I will notify all when they are all listed!