Monday, January 31, 2011

I am sooo Sorry folks!

Goodness Gracious!

I have been so crazy busy, that I haven't been able to get back here to update! Pleeease forgive me! :(

I have been organizing my two e-shops to try to distinguish the things I make for paying the bills, and the things I make for the sake of art, and creativity. The website server on my own website has been temperamental, and horribly slow to upload new updates. I think I may have to simplify it quite a bit. It took me three consecutive days to update the older changes I had made! I will be deleting lots of useless pages on it, and just use the html links for my actual listings.
The website will still catalog my designs, for perspective  clients who want my doll eyes, and irises.  Great NewsFor all those Plush Artists, Crocheters, Amigurumists, and teddy bear makers! I now cast all my neat designs in a Safety Eye Format!!! Now all your fuzzy, squishy, and plushies can have my Kewl eyes and irises! I have a few listed in both my Etsy Shop, and my Artfire shop.
My Etsy
My Artfire
I closed my FuzzB shop for utter lack of Traffic..."Who the heck suggested that place for me?" *shrugs*

I am thinking of maybe doing some Steam-punk inspired goodies, since that seems to be the trend as of late. My eyes and irises are great for that sort of thing.
Also,  I have purchased some PYO Windstones That I hope to get around to. In the meantime, check out some new metallic designs, and safety eyes, as well as new Art Doll Eye Colors I have created! These are just a sampling of what's new in my shops!

Metallic Bionic>
New Cheshire1>
New Cheshire2>
Rainbow Spectral>
 SM Safety Eyes
AD4 Albino1 Slit>
 SM Safety Eyes
AD4 Rainbow Swirl>
 Safety Irises
 Safety Irises
 AD4 SM Rain>
 AD4 SM Sorcery>
 AD SM Fall Maple>
 AD SM Golden Leaves>
 AD Bluebell>
 AD Driftwood>
 AD SM Mesa>
 AD SM Foxglove>
So.....I will leave you all with those pieces of eye candy to ogle at! Buy yours before they are sold out! 
Bye, Bye, ...for now!