Friday, May 6, 2011

Some updates

It is hard. I have been so swamped that I hardly can keep track of everything. I hope to update as soon as I get up the guts to call my vets.

He seems to eat well enough, but still will not put on any weight. I know that with every vet visit, he get traumatized more, and more. I wonder if he may have had some minor stroke during one of his procedures. That could explain his balance issues.
I know I may be "grasping at straws" here, but what if his eating habits, or lack-there-of any substantial intake, is trauma related? I 'dunno anymore. I want to save up some more cash before I make any appointments.  The first big bill has come in already, and I am scrambling to pay off as much as I can to avoid surcharges, but it is impossible to avoid.

As long as he seems comfortable, I want to wait. But... if something alarming happens before his next appointment, you bet i'll rush him back to Tufts.

Right now, I am having a hard time finding enough hours in the day to everything I need to do. I feel like my "marbles" are spilling onto the floor! 

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