Saturday, July 14, 2012

CAUTION! Long Narrative is ensuing. ......

Feeling Overwhelmed.<__> I think I took on too many orders this last month. They were all the usual 10 I take on queue every month during the season, but, This time, they were all large quantity....exactly like the month prior, which I am still struggling to catch up on. I love my sis, but she wasn't around as much as I would have liked to help with the workload from Junes orders, and I am still feeling the congested Production backing up. Besides... the the unexpected re-casts because of negligence of the Postal Service doesn't help either. :(  I should have been done with this season by the end of this month, but it looks like it will overflow into August too. 

The joy of eye-making is rapidly disintegrating week, by week. I am AN ARTIST, NOT a manufacturer! I am inches away from stopping eye casting. I thought I could have Kristin take on the responsibility of production, but I cannot seem to get consistent attendance. I cannot hire someone "off the street" to do this, because the studio situation is not ideal.  NOTHING is ideal 'round here, Our House is in shambles, there is an entire 2 LEVELS being unused, and becoming a catch all for all sorts of "Overflow" It is supposed to become my Real Studio! Hubby can only do so much, and nether can I do anything about it either. Money is an issue, labor is an issue, Time...Is a BIG Issue. I simply cannot take this casting business to a more productive level until these issues can be resolved. 

I am so frustrated, and disheartened...We need some sort of cash windfall, or some sort of grant, to get things in order. I do not know now, if it will ever be possible. I am saddened that I cannot give everyone the attention they need, and I really enjoyed offering my peers such an affordable supply option for all their creative needs, I really do not want to let every one down, worldwide. It took 5 tough years to get things to this point, and now...This "concrete wall". I need any ideas, suggestions, Tips, connections, ANYTHING, to save all this hard work I've done! I really do not want to throw it all away. I feel so helpless.

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