Friday, September 26, 2014

Bad News, my dear clients, and fellow artists:

Because of a certain unscrupulous "seller" on Etsy, I am now forced to watermark all my designs, in my color charts - that are on my Website. *Frowns*  I know that watermarks are ugly, but these days they are necessary. :(  All my clients still can get a decent view of the colors/designs, even in spite of the distraction that the watermarks cause. I am sorry, but I have to do it. I got at least the most important ones done, and I will continue to get them all done as soon as I can.

Also, of Note: I no longer offer Casting Kits to go along with my tutorial, on eye casting. I took a chance offering them, but these days...the risk is too high. I am sorry for that as well. They will not even be offered by request either. This means no molds, and no color sheets.

It is going to be a real bummer for those who want them, or to other artists like myself, who want to make their own using my designs. There are too many people out there that will "RIP" My hard work for their own re-selling benefits. 
You can blame this all on the people who have done exactly that...Yep even the price increase due out for 2015.

I was afraid that this day would come, only that it did all too soon. "No good deed goes unpunished"

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