Thursday, April 22, 2010

More on my BIGG Dragon...

Third stage of Big Dragon sculpt;

Base layer of Activa Celluclay Fast Mache. This will be the substrate that I will sculpt upon with Air Dry clay.

I like the Fast Mache, because it only takes 48 hours to dry completely. Unlike the original Celluclay, which can take over a week! :XD:

I have to suspend my work on it for a while, so I can concentrate on some custom orders. I hope I can get back to it soon.

Meanwhile, I have begun to paint the 'Pocket Drakes'! 

I have a reserve on two of them: the "feather" drake, and the "serpent" drake. I hope to paint up some of the others to put up for sale, at the same time....So, keep a watch on my twitter page for news about them!

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