Thursday, April 14, 2011

Food Wars...

He had a follow up appointment this past Tuesday, and seems to be doing better. His new x-ray showed that his stool was staying soft, and not building back up in his colon.

His fanny is still shaved, so he feels a little silly, but he is acting more like his normal self.  My next challenge, is to find a proper food that both he , and the two ladies will actually like to eat! I have struck out with two cases of High Quality, and expensive canned food, already...and I am stuck with them. The third case and flavor seems palatable to them, so I ultimately guess 1, out of three is better than batting zero. 
...Each case was $24.00 a piece, so I am out the $50, but at least they like the other one. XD 
For the rest of his life , I have to give him cisapride and mira lax...But, as long as he is happy, that is all that matters to me.

Our Current vet bill is down to $2,200. We are struggling to pay it down. My Home vet was kind enough to not charge us for the follow up visit. We did pay for the X-ray though. Fortunately, the one shot was clear, and we didn't need any others. The 1 film was $75.00, not too expensive...I think.

We still need all the financial help we can get. I have begun making Key Chains, And pendants, for raising funds.

If you are able to donate <$10.00 you will be sent a red, Blown Glass Heart Key Chain with a paw print hand painted on it.Shipped for Free!!! 

If you are able to donate $11.00- $20.00 You will be sent a Dihcroic Paw Print Key Chain with silver angel wings.Shipped for free!!! 
If you can donate $21.00-$50.00  You will be sent a red, blown glass heart pendant with the hand painted paw print on it. The cord is non-allergenic rubber in a 20" length with a lobster claw clasp.Shipped For Free!!!
If you are able to donate $51.00 - $100.00 you will be sent a Dihcroic Black Cat silhouette pendant  with angel wings on the same 20" rubber cord, and lobster claw clasp.Shipped for Free! 
Any generous Donation Over $101.00 Will be sent Both a pendant, and a key chain, in a gift box. Hand painted by myself. Shipped for free!   
Once I get some of these gifts made up. I will include pictures for you to see. Please check in once a week, to see if there has been any new changes, or developments!

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