Monday, April 4, 2011

...A turn for the worse.

This morning has found me discovering that Sebastian has seemingly gotten a bit worse than yesterday. No Bowel Movements since he came home, and his appetite is less than good, only maybe eating perhaps a tablespoon of food or so throughout the day. At least he is drinking water. He wasn't even doing that two days ago.

He has an Appointment back at Tufts today at 1:00. We will have to see what is next on his health course agenda. The visit alone, is $150.00 not including the additional radio-graphs, and other screenings they may do. Not to mention, if they will need to place a feeding tube.  *reels over impending bill* We have already racked up $2,200 so far, including everything.  Now...Who knows....

I have to get everything ready now, so I will update later on...

Please help! This is beginning to get out of control! I have only received $135.00 which we are very grateful for...we are indeed struggling.

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