Wednesday, April 6, 2011

...Rounding the corner?

 His last vet visit
Once we returned him to the vet, they examined him and took a new x-ray. He had more blockages. He was immediately prepped for sedation once again, and was given a third obstipation  procedure.

While he was being worked on, we drove to pick up his Cisapride prescription. He will need it to help his colon work better. Also, the vet handed us some medication for his pain, and some to increase his appetite.This new visit has incurred yet another $500 dollars.  I am pretty sure the bill total is around $2,700 or so by now. If this new course of treatment doesn't work, we will be forced to either continue the next two stages of treatment, or Euthanize. Sebastian's vet has talked with us regarding those circumstances; They will be the most costly of treatments, and the most extreme.
First, the feeding tube insertion. That will cost us around $1,200 to perform, then he will have to go back, every day for checks and adjustments. Each one of those visits can cost $150 or more. Depending upon how long it takes for him to gain weight again, and become regular, that could possibly go on for weeks.

Next, is the most high risk; Major Surgical removal of his non-functioning colon. That will certainly run  into the thousands. We know that there is no way that we can afford that treatment alone. I have applied for grants, and other financial helping organizations, will not a single acceptance or approval. It has become really dis-heartening.  Even if for some miracle, we find the funds, he may not make it through the recovery, or even end up with even more complications.

He is such a sweet boy that everyone at the hospital loves him, and wants to help in any way. He has put up with so much indignity, and pain, but he still purrs for anyone there to stroke his head. It would turn into the most heart-breaking story ever, it he has to be put down. We all do not want to give up yet!

Donations have creeped up to $297.00 but that is hardly enough. It has however helped us pay for all his prescriptions to date.

Yesterday, was frustrating.  He kept wanting food, but then when I offered it he would sniff, and walk away. I had to force feed him prescribed high caloric canned food sprinkled with a 1/4 teaspoon of Mira-Lax mixed in every hour, only maybe a tablespoon worth  each time. I am exhausted! He has to take the Cisapride every 8 hours, and the appetite stimulant every 3 days, and his pain medication as needed.

Today, there is good news to share!
He Is eating Better!....and on his own!
I am happy to see this.
I am thinking the pain medication, and the new Cisapride doses have seemed to help. He is chowing on some regular canned cat food in these two pictures. He still is not touching the dry food, but that is fine...we really do not want him to eat that again anyways.
We still have a long road ahead, but maybe we can avoid having to have surgery.  I still have to continue the new medication course, and, still give him laxatives, but he did have a normal bowel movement mid-morning!...that is very good!

I will continue this blog thread as we plug away, at the treatments. We still owe  about $2,500 in bills, but we still need help.
Please, Donate!

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