Saturday, April 2, 2011

His Decline

My Boy Is Not Getting any better
More Updates: 
Sebastian was discharged the other day. But, since then, he really hasn't eaten more than a tablespoon of wet cat food each day, and I have yet to see him drink any water. The vets at Tufts as I said above, had problems with his belly being too fat, well...that may be so, but then why is all his bones visible, and his eyes sunken in? If an animal is wasting, wouldn't the "Belly" go away first?
Everyone I have talked to says that Tufts is the very best animal hospital in New England. I want to believe this. I have been playing phone tag all morning trying to talk to one of the vets that worked on him, and am still waiting. I have never even seen all his x-rays, what if there is something else that is causing his illness? ...Did they have possibly by accident maybe perforated his colon? Why isn't he any better-at least he isn't straining in pain from stomach contractions, but he is still very lethargic, and his appearance is alarming.
My heart is Breaking...It kills me to force him to take his meds. Why won't he respond to the treatment? I am beginning to wonder if we were all looking in the wrong place. It is possible that his bad eye, is to blame?  I noticed just this year that there was a cloudy sort of growth inside his left eye's pupil, deep inside the cavern before his retina. We all thought the tummy was the priority. We all would take care of his eye secondly. ...Could it be Cancer?

...What if we all figure this out too late?

Donations are still needed! He may need to go back into emergency if he won't eat or drink anything soon. 

I thought I could get more work done, but I am so worried. I'm afraid I will come back up from my studio, and find him dead. "This is Horrible!"  D-; 

Please, anyone.... 

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