Monday, April 11, 2011

Like a roller-coaster ride...

Sebastian seems to be sort of leveling out in his recovery. Some days, he still has issues, but more often than not, he seems to be acting more like normal. He even has taken to bullying the two other girls when he is frustrated. 

I really wish he would gain back some muscle mass though. Every time I run my hands over him, I still feel his bones. His appetite seems good, just not maybe eating enough? He has a follow up appointment tomorrow at our regular vet to see what has been going on. 
We now have gradually changed his , and the other cats food to a more suitable diet, and everyone looks happy. But he will have to have cisapride, and miralax daily for the rest of his life. Lactulose was making him nauseous, and the long term side effects were pancreatic issues, as well as possibly diabetic hazards. Cisapride is very expensive, but essential to keep him going. I will have to get all my refills at Hopkington, since they are the only compounding pharmacy that carries it. It will run me $70.00 per refill. "A small price to pay, for keeping him happy, I suppose."

Maybe I will get a new x-ray tomorrow to see if his colon looks okay. If it does, then we will be spared the additional $5,000.00 in new bills for the surgical options as a last resort.

Hopefully, I will have more to report after his visit tomorrow. 

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